Make your car a germ barrier, not a germ carrier.

We can’t see them but germs and bacteria are everywhere, spreading illness and disease.  Even mold and their spores may not be visible, but they can be harmful.
Bacteria and mold can cause damage to upholstery and your health, and are a source of foul odors.

Protect your car
and your family
with GermAway!

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Our first process is Sterile Clean.
It is FDA approved as a cold sterilant and kills microorganisms up to 99.999999%, including mold, bacteria, viruses and their spores. It also eliminates their odors. That’s remarkable! read more >

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Our second process is Sterile Shield.
It is EPA approved as an invisible, antimicrobial barrier that lasts up to 90 days.
A revolutionary product!
How does it work? read more >

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Our third process is optional, and neutralizes harmful cigarette smoke smell. It also curbs pet odors. A must-have when needed!
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Provide a continuous, germ-free environment with our Maintenance ProgramAfter your initial service, the sterilization process (Sterile Clean) is no longer needed. Our experts will reapply the protection process (Sterile Shield) every 90 days. 

Germs, bacteria and mold spores can thrive in your car and other vehicles, and spread by recirculating through vents when using the heater or air conditioner. Offensive odors can be especially troublesome in the enclosed space of a vehicle. Your solution? GermAway. Simply include the square footage of your garage when we service your home, and your vehicles will be germ and odor-free as well.

Our products are . . .
•  Tested and proven in hospitals. read more >
Non-toxic and safe.
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•  Green-friendly and biodegradable. read more >
 Dispensed with fast, effective dry fog technology. read more >

Our services are fast, affordable, and essential for cars and other vehicles.

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