Make your facility a germ barrier, not a germ carrier.

We can’t see them but germs and bacteria are everywhere, spreading illness and disease.

Protect your staff
and your patients
with GermAway!



Our first process is Sterile Clean.
It is FDA approved as a cold sterilant and kills microorganisms at the highest level, up to 99.999999%, including mold, bacteria, and viruses.
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Our second process is Sterile Shield.
It is EPA approved as an invisible, antimicrobial barrier that lasts up to 90 days.
A revolutionary product!
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 Busy Nurse's Station In Modern Hospital.

Provide a continuous, germ-free environment with our Maintenance ProgramAfter your initial service, the sterilization process (Sterile Clean) is no longer needed. Our experts will reapply the protection process (Sterile Shield) every 90 days. 

Even with the greatest strides in institutional infection control, contagions can be an issue. Your solution? GermAway. According to hospital testing, a significant decrease in microbes was reported in all areas treated. The average decrease in harmful bacteria and microbes during the three-month testing at 2 hospitals was 97.85% and an astounding 99.84%.
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Our products are . . .

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•  Non-toxic and safe. read more >
•  Green-friendly and biodegradable. read more >
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Our services are fast, affordable, and essential for hospitals and clinics.

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