Amber – This is my 2nd time with GermAway and I must say that they did NOT disappoint. I saw such a big difference with the smell of our home and a difference with the health of our family. Our home felt cleaner and sicknesses that were going around never made it to our home. The workers that came were efficient in getting the work done and very informative of the cleansing process. I am very happy with the services that I’ve received. Thank you GermAway!

Savanna – I just wanted to say Thanks for coming to GermAway my house. You guys were great and quick! The plants, electronics, and pictures were unaffected, and the usual musty smell of my house is completely gone! This is definitely something I’d like done a few times a year, Thanks Again!

 Kendall – You did a great job, it does smell better. Thank you again!


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