Do wipes work?

How successful are the disinfectant wipes so far?

You must be freaked out about catching the coronavirus that has recently plagued the world. Watching the news and seeing the tally of infected patients increasing day by day must be giving you anxiety. Your days may be marked with the rigorous cleaning of your surroundings and yourself. Religiously cleaning the most-touched surfaces of your homes and the grocery bags you bring from outside may be taking a lot of your time. You might be thinking that disinfectant wipes or any other wipes will be your saviors. But let me tell you about the effectiveness of such wipes. The idea of using disinfectant wipes is not new. Many of the people have been using it to clean their kitchens in the past. There are specific criteria for such wipes which have to be fulfilled for them to be effective. If these criteria are not met, you may spread the germs rather than eliminating them. According to many reviews, you may notice the patterns of germs being transferred from one surface to the other. You must be aware of the type of cloth used in the manufacturing of the wipes you are using, and also the chemical formula of the disinfectant in which wipes are soaked. For some of the wipes to be effective, the surface has to be left wet for more than one minute. For example, it is written on the pack of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes “to keep the surface moist for 4 minutes for the wipes to be effective. If the wipes are not saturated with the disinfectant, they may cause more damage by spreading the bacteria. For instance, you are cleaning your kitchen slabs with the help of a wipe, and it is not saturated enough to keep the surface wet for more than a minute. And you are just wiping the whole slab with it. In this case, you are cross transferring different types of bacteria all over the surface.

These disinfectant wipes may attack some bacteria immediately, while others may have little or no effect on them. It is said that one wipe can only clean the surface of the size of an A4 paper. To clean a surface larger than that, you should use another wipe. So wipes may be handy, but you got to have tons of them to clean a surface. Disinfectant wipes should be used to clean a surface in only one direction for it to be successful. If you use a single wipe for all the directions, you’ll end up having a surface thriving with germs instead of a germ-free one. If used carefully, they can give you some benefit, but in other cases, they will do more damage than good. For example, if you use a single wipe for all of your gadgets, you may be transferring the bacteria of one device to another. The disinfectant wipes are made for challenging surfaces and not for your skin. So it’s not a good idea to rub them all over your hands just because you are too lazy to wash your hands. The wipes have harsh chemicals which will strip your hands of natural moisturizing. Your hands will end up being rough due to peeling of the skin. On the other side, the hand wipes specifically designed for your hands will end up giving you shiny and cleaning looking hands while the germs are still there. So use a hand sanitizer or an antibacterial soap to be safe. According to the CDC, you should lather your hands properly with soap for about 20 seconds and rinse well to kill all the germs. You should try to avoid drying your hands with a towel, instead use a paper towel or let them air dry.

Using these wipes on your grocery bags may seem tempting and will give you a sense of satisfaction that you have killed all the germs. But the disinfectant may penetrate your food items and swallowing disinfectants can cause many damages to your body.

So replacing your daily use disinfectants house cleaners with disinfectant wipes may not be a good idea because the formulas used in the disinfectants cleaners is much stronger than the wipes and can eliminate the bacteria and viruses swiftly and fast. The disinfectant gives a more promising result than the wipes. Wipes can be handy and can save a lot of your time. In addition to this, using disinfecting wipes on surfaces like your sofa or a wooden table can cause a stain on it. Cleaning your clothes or eyeglasses can cause skin and eye irritation.

They may give you benefits and may be effective, but they often provide you false hope or false satisfaction. They may end up spreading the germs and can only be useful if you follow the guidelines written on the pack. So they may benefit you in the short-run, but in the long-run, the disinfectants should be your go-to.

Bacteria and viruses are evolving just like humans; they are becoming more and more dangerous as time is passing. Not only this virus, but many more are seen to be affecting human beings badly. The development of more potent disinfectant formulas is the only preventive measure which can save humans from such troubles. Wipes give a temporary and smaller-scale benefit. So choose the best solution in order to protect yourself. Take all the preventive measure to save yourself from the ongoing pandemic. Our mutual efforts and contribution can only eliminate it. Stay home, stay safe.

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